documentary photography on digital & 35mm film


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Documenting your story, so that you can spend more time living in the moment and less time trying to remember it. 

telling stories of love & life


available worldwide

based in The Fraser Valley
bc, canada


Candlelit dinner parties with friends, stories shared over bonfires, fresh flowers on the bedside table, great grandma's photo albums — life is made up of tiny little moments. These are a few of my favourites. Let's document yours.

Photographer, world traveller, lime margarita lover, your new friend.

hey hey, hunnies! Bre, here.

intimate & authentic storytelling

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Oh my word, we are in tears looking at these!!! My partner said “this was the best thing we have ever done in our relationship”. Bre captured every raw & beautiful moment in our gallery!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much these mean to us. I just want to print the entire album for a gallery wall! These are pictures that will never not be worth bragging about!

"Hiring Bre was the best thing we've ever done during our relationship!"


Lyam & HALLE

Bre is such an intentional and passionate photographer! She is easy to work with and made us feel special throughout the whole shoot. We were blown away at how Bre captured our love so well—These are definitely the type of photos we are going to show our kids one day. She picks up on all of the little moments and details. 

"There is not one photo that we don’t love and the whole process was a dream!"


ellarie & nate

"We loved seeing Bre get creative while still giving us the space to do our own thing. She's got obvious talent, clear excitement for her job, is friendly & encouraging, and is all around a little ray of sunshine! She was easy to get comfortable with, asked genuine questions, helped with all of the planning, and gave perfect feedback the entire time"

"We've never done something so natural & loved getting to know Bre! We would recommend her to anyone.""


— let's turn yours into art

everyone has a story

— let's turn yours into art

everyone has a story

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